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"I can honestly say that my recovery time was increased tremendously because of the laser therapy I've been doing with the Phoenix Thera-Lase. I will continue to use it throughout my time in playing sports, period."
- Brandin Cooks, NFL Wide Receiver

"The biggest game changer I've ever seen. We've taken away high ankle sprains in six days. We had UFC champ Rashad Evans coming off a double ACL ditch his knee brace four days after treatment."
- Jay Glazer, NFL Insider

"I was blown away by the dramatic improvement in my range of motion after just 2 laser treatments at West Coast Laser...the results were almost too good to be makes other cold laser systems seem like toys."
- John B, health guru

"My shoulder feels 10x better. The swelling and pain decreased significantly"
- Izel S., Competitive soccer player

"I have a Jiu Jitsu tournament coming up tomorrow & if it wasn't for them [WCL] I wouldn't be competing. Calves, rib, everything is feeling much better... it's incredible!!"
- Jereme S., Physical Therapist at Bespoke Del Mar

"I woke up after my first laser therapy session and it was the first time in 2 years that I could move without pain [from my Achilles tendinitis]". - Shannon M., Adidas Golf Marketing Team