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"I can honestly say that my recovery time was increased tremendously because of the laser therapy I've been doing with the Phoenix Thera-Lase. I I will continue to use it throughout my time in playing sports, period."
- Brandin Cooks, NFL Wide Receiver

"The biggest game changer I've ever seen. We've taken away high ankle sprains in six days. We had UFC champ Rashad Evans coming off a double ACL ditch his knee brace four days after treatment."
- Jay Glazer, NFL Insider

"I was blown away by the dramatic improvement in my range of motion after just 2 laser treatments at West Coast Laser...the results were almost too good to be makes other cold laser systems seem like toys."
- John B, health guru

"My shoulder feels 10x better. The swelling and pain decreased significantly"
- Izel S., Competitive soccer player

"I have a Jiu Jitsu tournament coming up tomorrow & if it wasn't for them [WCL] I wouldn't be competing. Calves, rib, everything is feeling much better... it's incredible!!"
- Jereme S., Physical Therapist at Bespoke Del Mar

"I woke up after my first laser therapy session and it was the first time in 2 years that I could move without pain [from my Achilles tendinitis]". - Shannon M., Adidas Golf Marketing Team


Zohreh, Foot Tendinitis

"Dacia and Kaitlyn - Thank you so much for making it possible for me to compete last week. You were the first people I called (because of the great results you helped me achieve last year with my Tendonitis and Sciatica recovery) when an injury sidelined me the week before an important ballroom competition. With just four laser sessions, I was back on the dance floor. You both (and big blue - the best laser in California) are amazing! Thanks! Zohreh"


Carly, Rotator Cuff Tear

"West Coast Laser has helped decrease my shoulder pain and increase my range of motion so I can compete in my dance competitions without any worries of injuring it. Thank you!"


Kristina, Turf Toe

"This laser therapy has helped me with so many injuries and pain. From turf toe, to jaw pain, to strained muscles, this therapy has given me so much relief and allows me to stay active. Thank you West Coast Laser for allowing me to keep swimming and staying active!"


Louie, Shoulder Impingement

"After my baseball career, I experienced shoulder impingement and bicep tendinitis. After one session my shoulder felt

way better."

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