We utilize the exclusive, breakthrough technology,

that has changed the game of laser therapy.

Recover faster & live pain free with our

Phoenix Thera-Lase System.



Cutting Edge Technology

  • High Power - 5-10x more powerful than most lasers on the market

  • Effective wavelength for healing

  • Stimulate soft tissues ~7 inches deep

  • Regenerate new healthy cells / tissues

  • Speed up recovery 2-4x as fast

  • Heal on the cellular level

What Is Laser Therapy?

West Coast Laser Therapy uses the Phoenix Thera-Lase System. The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems are the only non-invasive, drug free laser therapy that has successfully and single handily transformed treatment on acute & chronic pain, wounds, and other intractable conditions.

This custom built, high-powered laser therapy system is strategically designed to induce photochemical reactions in the soft tissues to provide healing. It is pain-free, drug-free, and requires zero down time.


The Phoenix Thera-Lase is much higher-powered than most lasers, uses a longer wavelength of continuous near-infrared light, to stimulate cells, speed healing, and regenerate tissues ~7 inches into the body. Most low level cold laser systems use low power & a shorter red light wavelength, pulsating energy (less energy emitted) that does not allow the energy to bypass the superficial layers of the body.

Stop messing around with old technology and use the top of the line laser system for healing - our Phoenix Thera-Lase system!

Major Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • Increase vascularization in damaged tissue (blood flow)

  • Reduce pain & inflammation

  • Breakdown scar tissue that limits range of motion & muscle performance

  • Increase nerve stimulation & correction

  • Regenerate healthy skin, muscle, & fascia tissue

  • Direct stimulation of cellular growth & healing of soft tissue (collagen)


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